In the fall, there are many cases of pests invading people’s homes. During the fall, as winter approaches, insects and unwanted rodents look for warm places to shelter from the coming cold season. These pests find their way into homes seeking warmth and shelter. They hide in cracks and crevices in and may occasionally come out to look for food or for warmth. These pests can be a nuisance. There are steps that one can take to make sure that his or her home is pest proof.

One of these steps is using insecticides and poisoned food to kill unwanted rodents. This may be an easy way to deal with the problem , but it is not the best way. Insecticides have their own health effects on people with research suggesting that they contribute to cancer. Poisoned food is also disadvantageous. Mice might die die in unreachable places in the house making it inhabitable due to the unbearable smell. So you might be asking…how to get rid of mice?

A good way to deal with this problem is using traps. Traps come in numerous shapes and sizes. Large traps are designed to capture unwanted rodents like mice while sticky traps are made for flying and crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches, spiders and crickets.

The other step one can take to avoid pests is to make sure that the house, especially the kitchen, is clean. Pests need food to survive. Leftover food and dirty plates provide enough supply of food for pests to survive on. Keeping the kitchen clean ensures that the pests’ food supply is cut off and that the pests will need to look for alternative sources of food and warmth.

One should also make sure that crevices and in the house are covered. Crevices and cracks provide the perfect hiding ground for the pests. Pests also need these places to breed. Covering up these places reduces the chance for pests to invade a house as they will have no place to hide.

Installing a slide door also helps to prevent the entry of pests into ones house. Doors leave gaps for insects and rodents to enter the house. Slide door ensure that no spaces are left and therefore, no entry points for rodents and insects.

Insects use clutter to hide. Getting rid of clutter in one’s house can help to reduce the pests in the house. Old newspapers and boxes create an environment to hide and get away from the light.

Trimming hedges and keeping the lawn well kept can also help to reduce outdoor insects and pests such as spiders and crickets. One should prune unwanted shrubs and trees in the yard to reduce pests in their home.

Taking out the trash more is also a sure way to reduce pests in the home. Rodents like raccoons are a nuisance and love lying around in the trash. Getting rid of the trash more often makes sure the raccoons are not attracted to ones house.

The final step one can take is to fix leaking pipes in the house. Insects are attracted to moisture and need water to survive.

Taking the above basic steps will make sure that the house is pest free. Simply put, keeping a clean surrounding in and around the house will keep the pests away. For more information you can visit