The mornings are cooler, pools are closing, and the leaves will be changing soon. Along with the crisp temperatures and pumpkin patches, fall will bring unwanted critters into your home searching for heat and food. Nothing ruins an appetite like a roach crawling across the kitchen counter or a rodent simpering across the floor. These creatures are not only repulsive to look at, but they can cause a lot of damage to your home, garden, or landscape. Many people mistakenly believe that once the temperature changes, bugs will just disappear, but they are mistaken! From ants to termites, each season brings its own host of problems. We spoke with Jim from City Pest Control about this and gave us a couple of tips on how to deal with common household pests during this time of year.

Now is the time to take matters into your own hands and make a proactive approach to keeping these critters away from your home!

Think it is too expensive to protect your place of dwelling from creepy critters? Think again. Do It Yourself Pest Control is easy, efficient and cost effective. Instead of paying a company to come out and spray the chemicals for you, simply apply yourself. Avoid the hassle of scheduling appointments and having to be home at a time that may not be convenient. Know exactly where the pesticides have been applied since you are in control of where to put them. Worried about harsh chemicals? Take a look at the non-toxic organic alternatives. If there is a pest to get rid of, there is a product that will do the trick.

In today’s fast paced society, timeliness and simplicity is key. That is why Pest Control products that you can apply yourself are easy to use. Simply choose what pests you need to keep away and pick the corresponding product. Whether you are looking to solve a problem with unsightly creatures or you are taking action to prevent them, there are many options that will work for you. From traps and baits to insecticide and the application equipment, you can easily equip yourself to battle bugs this fall and put the worry of unsightly pests behind you.

With the leaves falling and the heat turned up, do not forget about the type of pests that you will not often see without taking a closer look. Sometimes protecting yourself is as easy as purchasing a mattress cover to keep bed bugs at bay. If the damage you are worried about is in your garden or along your landscaping, maybe herbicides or granular insecticides will do the trick for you. Prevent bothersome flying insects and creepy crawlies. Keep wildlife under control and avoid harm to your dwelling.

There is no longer a need to hire someone to keep bugs at bay when you can do it yourself. Easy to follow directions, finest quality pesticides and simple to use applicators are all available to help assist you in your pest prevention. Pictures and charts provide visual aids to help make the process foolproof. Gone are the days where we have to pour out ridiculous amounts of money to have other people administer pest control. Pick out the products that will work for you today!